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For many of the aches and pains that people suffer on a regular basis, chiropractic is one of the most effective, affordable and least intrusive forms of therapy available. Here are some common questions asked about chiropractic care:

This is one of the biggest reasons people hesitate visiting a chiropractic doctor. Adjustments have been proven to effectively reduce restrictions which cause moderate to severe levels of pain. An adjustment creates negative pressure within a synovial joint, allowing nutrients and naturally occurring pain-reducing mediators (called enkephalins) to be present and have a positive effect. As a result, the joint becomes more mobile and the painful process is removed. Therefore, chiropractic treatment does the exact opposite; It brings the joints and muscles of the body back to its neutral and normal state, ultimately reduces pain.

It is a rigorous process to become a chiropractor. It is a pre-requisite to complete 4500 hours of classroom instruction before they are eligible to sit for their board exams. This is in addition to completing at least 3 years of a bachelor degree in university. They must be registered/licensed by their prospective province and have completed Canadian board exams before they can start practicing, much like medical doctors. Chiropractic is a regulated profession with the title “Doctor” and is governed by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.

Studies show that these adjustments are much safer than many common activities, such as having your hair shampooed at the salon or even stargazing for extended periods. In fact, there are much less side-effects with chiropractic care than taking common medications regularly and also is associated with less risks than surgery. Many medical doctors are now recommending chiropractic therapy before the problem reaches the stage where surgery is necessary.

No. The treatment provided by chiropractors may also benefit as young as an infant. An average child receives, according to a report by the occupational Safety and Health administration, at lease 1,500 spinal related traumas before the age of five! These can be corrected with chiropractic care so they don’t have to suffer the results when they are older. Even babies can benefit from chiropractic, and research has shown a minimum of 80 per cent reduction in colicky babies when chiropractic techniques are used.

There are millions of people regularly benefiting from chiropractic care in Canada. It is one of the most effective ways to deal with low back pain, postural stress, and obesity related issues. The process involves multi-pronged approach that takes into consideration the patient’s lifestyle, occupation, nutrition and several other aspects before commencing a treatment plan.

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